There are different ways to touch base with the hosting company whose services you’re using, but the one that you’ll always find no matter which company you choose is a ticketing system. It’s the least complicated correspondence channel for a number of reasons. In the event that no client support engineer is free at the moment and they are all occupied, a phone call may not be replied to, but a ticket will always be received. Additionally, you can copy & paste large bits of information without needing to worry about typos, and if a given issue needs more time to be resolved or a number of responses must be exchanged, all the info will be in the very same place, so each party can always see the comments supplied by the other one. The disadvantage of using tickets to contact your hosting provider is that they are often separate from the web hosting platform, which implies that if you need to provide information or to adhere to guidelines, you will have to use at least two different admin dashboards and this number may grow if you desire to administer multiple domains. Furthermore, lots of web hosting companies respond to tickets after hours, or even once in every 24 hours, and for you as a customer, this simply means wasted time while awaiting a response.

Integrated Ticketing System in Web Hosting

Our web hosting come bundled with an integrated trouble ticket system, which is an essential part of our in-house created Hepsia hosting Control Panel. In stark contrast with other analogous tools, Hepsia allows you to manage everything associated with the web hosting service itself in the same location – payments, website files, e-mails, support tickets, etc., avoiding the need to sign in and out of different admin dashboards. If you’ve got any technical or pre-sales questions or any problems, you can post a ticket with a few clicks without ever signing out of your Control Panel. During the process, you can choose a category and our system will offer you a number of help articles, which will supply you with more info and which may help you fix any given issue even before you actually post a ticket. We guarantee a response time of no more than one hour, even if it is a weekend or an official holiday.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Servers

The trouble ticket system that we use is built into the Hepsia Control Panel, which we’ve developed for our semi-dedicated servers, which means that you will not require another platform to touch base with our tech support team – you can do it on the spot if you chance upon a difficulty. Sending a new ticket takes a few mouse clicks and tracking down an older one is equally simple. With our clever search filter, you can quickly find any ticket that you’ve submitted in the past. You can send a ticket at any moment since our help desk support staff members are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and answer within the hour, although it seldom takes that much to get an answer. With the Hepsia Control Panel, you’ll have everything in one location and you can forget about having to use 2 or more platforms to fix a simple problem.