A data center could be identified as an advanced warehouse for web servers. That is a facility which holds numerous hosting servers used by businesses for storing information and files or for performing computation services at a big scale. Internet hosting, search engines and massive social networks are only several examples of the services that need data centers for their servers since they can't operate on one web server. The facilities handle the temperatures, humidity, electrical power and connection backups so as to ensure the most effective and consistent work of all servers located there. All data centers feature 24/7 monitoring and minimize the access to the web servers in order to make certain that the hosting servers are protected at all times. The quality of any online service you get usually depends not simply on the company you communicate with, but also on the data center facility they use.

Data centers in Web Hosting

If you opt to purchase a web hosting package from us, you'll be able to pick between five data centers on the order page and you can have your account set up in Colohouse (Chicago, U.S.), UK Servers (Coventry, United Kingdom), Amaze (Sydney, Australia), Ficolo (Pori, Finland) or S3Company (Sofia, Bulgaria). We have servers in different locations so as to provide you with a choice to opt for the most suitable one for your websites, so both you and your visitors can enjoy fast loading speeds. Each of the facilities offers 24/7 tech support, power generators and redundant Internet routes through some of the largest ISPs in the specific country. Along with our groundbreaking cloud web hosting platform, this means quite simply no service disturbances of any kind, so your sites might be working all the time. The facilities are some of the largest ones on the globe and some of them house even government servers, so collocating our machines there permits us to concentrate on adding new services and bettering the existing ones constantly.

Data centers in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our effective semi-dedicated server solutions are available in 5 data centers around the world with the aim to offer you the chance to get the very best possible Internet hosting service for your Internet sites regardless of where you or your visitors are situated. As soon as you reach the order page, you'll be able to select Colohouse in the USA, UK Servers in England, S3Company in BG, Ficolo in Finland or Amaze in Australia. We have chosen these facilities since they offer remarkable services and can keep all hosting servers that are a part of our advanced cloud hosting platform functioning continuously and at their best capacity. Each facility uses several backbone Internet providers with multi-gigabit routes, diesel generators and powerful UPS units as a failsafe in case there is an infrastructural problem. They all also have experienced 24/7 technical support crews that can readily react very quickly to any unexpected problem that shows up. Using these data centers permits us to concentrate on enhancing our services continuously, so we couldprovide you with the best possible Internet hosting service for your websites.

Data centers in VPS Servers

If you opt for one of the KVM-powered VPS server solutions which we offer, you'll be able to select between all of our data centers for the location of your new account. Our company offers the service on several different continents so that you can opt for the most appropriate one for you depending on where you are or what region you'd like to concentrate on. All facilities are among the largest ones inside their respective country and provide exceptional collocation services, which is the main reason for us to pick them. Terabit fiber lines to big cities inside North America and Europe and also throughout the Atlantic along with an individual UPS for each physical hosting server and effective diesel generators guarantee that your VPS will be up and accessible at all times no matter what. The facilities also have skilled technical support teams which can address any issue very quickly, which enables us to focus on our VPS hosting services as opposed to spending time and efforts to look after our web server network.

Data centers in Dedicated Servers

We've chosen one of the largest data centers on earth for the dedicated server solutions which we provide. The Colohouse facility in the downtown area of Chicago offers superb conditions for all web servers accommodated there and that is one of the reasons to pick it for our web servers. The data center is among the best spots to host websites that target North America since it offers direct fiber connections with a number of major cities across the USA and Canada, so how fast visitors will open your sites will depend entirely on their Internet connection. Numerous Internet service providers and a 1.5 MW diesel backup power generator guarantee that your dedicated server will be operational constantly and that your Internet sites shall never go offline. The latest generation of Cisco network hardware and extensively tested server spares along with a 24-7 support are also amongst the factors behind our choice to offer dedicated hosting in the Colohouse facility.